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Temple Plan
Temple Plan
Oil on Canvas
75" x 28"

architectural planning principles of space, axis, hierarchy, symmetry, pattern, rhythm, repetition.
Imagine getting lost navigating through the sequences of spaces.
garden palette suggests a mostly open air event. Imagine a giant video game map where over time the organization is memorized, or like a city, landmark hierarchies orient memories.
Like life, this is not a labyrinth with one path to walk but instead myriad ways to navigate, explore, discover, and rediscover.
I love to study old plans of Pompeii and Knossos and the like, this is my version of such a place, idealized.
This plan was not planned but grew out of a singular "room" block by block
Free hand imperfections can be seen, dissonance between technical precision of a circuit-board-like grid and the circumstantial reorientation's of human perception.