Portfolio > 2015

Flat Ontology
oil on canvas
58" x 45"

Technology is a way (or mode) of being
Technics reveals and like all crafts, substitutes for being.
This piece explores digitization as the way we see the world. The painting deconstructs a traditional picture plane achieving an abstraction of three-dimensionality without the use of perspective. Through a process of ever diminishing figure and ground relationships I reference the binary constantly running below the surface of our images and lives.
Elements in repetition have a conversation about an abstraction of a city plan
As one draws closer the noise quiets and the tension resolves into neat orderly balance
The process for creating pieces like these is meditative, there is no intended representation here other than the self-referential, this is a painting of blocks meant to look like a painting of blocks.
There is a memory of a lost image if the pieces were only rearranged or resolved and focused.
It is deconstruction in oil.